Work size/weight

[Work size]

Machining: □20mm to □400mm (up to H=200mm)

Lathe processing: φ20mm to φ250mm (up to L=300mm)

5-axis machining: φ20mm to φ200mm (up to L=200mm)

[Product weight]

Approximately 0.1kg to 8.0kg (we have a track record of up to MAX 40kg)

Lot size 

【lot size】

*Available lot sizes depend on processing cycle time.
Please contact us for details.

Processing details

[We can provide integrated support from material procurement to post-processing]

Material procurement

  • Aluminum (all types available)
    die casting (normal, vacuum, squeeze, PF), sand casting, mold casting, bar material, block material
  • Stainless
    steel lost wax castings
  • Cast iron (FC material, FCD material), cast steel, forged material

Cutting processing

  • In-house precision machining
    lathe processing, machining center processing, 5-axis processing
  • Cooperating companies Precision processing
    Small parts processing, machining, polishing, wire/electrical discharge machining, buffing, etc.

Post-pocess processing

  • Various plating treatments
    : zinc plating, nickel alloy plating, silver plating, hard chrome plating, etc.
  • Heat treatment
    refining, carburizing/carbonitriding, gas soft nitriding, etc.
  • Other
    organic impregnation treatments, alumite treatment, triiron tetroxide film (black dyeing), cationic painting, baking painting, etc.


Alumunum (approx,40%)die-castADC12, ADC14, ADC3, etc.Vacuum, squeeze, PF compatible
Mold casting (gravity)AC2A, AC2B, AC4C, etc.
sand castingAC2A, AC2B, AC4C, etc.
forged materialA2014-T6, A6061 and others
othersA2017, A5052, A7075, etc.
Gray cast iron (FC series)FC100~FC350 etc.Self-hardening, F1, automatic molding
Ductile cast iron (FCD series)FCD350~FCD700 and othersSelf-hardening, F1, automatic molding
forged materialS10C, SCM435, etc.Hot/cold available
othersS45C, SS400, etc.
Stainless steel
(approx 20%)
Casting materialSCS13, SCS14, etc.lost wax, sand casting
forged materialSUS316L, SUS304, etc.
othersSUS303, SUS304, SUS316, etc.
othersZinc alloy, copper, brass, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, resin, etc.
※we can also handle materials other than those listed above, so plese contact us.
※It is also possible to procure materials in-house, so plese contact us.


Number of items: approx. 100, number of product numbers:
approx. 1000, monthly production: over 150,000 pieces