Q.What is casting procesing?

Casting refers to the technology of pouring molten metal into molds to create various sha Metal products made from castings are used in all kinds of industrial products, includ transportation equipment (cars, trucks, trains, aircraft, etc.), industrial equipment (plants, infrastructure, machine tools, etc.), home appliances, and medical equipment.
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Casting cutting processing.com

Q.What Kind of pats can be processed?

We perform cutting machining using NC lathes , machining centers , 5-axis processing machines , etc. We will process anything that can be processed using these equipment.
We perform cutting machining using NC lathes , machining centers , 5-axis proc
machines , etc. We will process anything that can be processed using these equipment


NC Lathe


machining center


5-axis processing machine


Horizontal Machining Center

Q.What sizes are avallable?

[Work size]

  • Machining
    □20mm ~ 400mm (up to H=200mm)
  • Lathe processing
    Ф20mm~Ф250mm (up to H=300mm)
  • 5-axis machining
    Ф20mm~ Ф200mm(H=300mm程度まで)

[Product weight]
Approximately 0.1kg ~ 8.0kg

*We handle many sizes other than those listed above, so please contact us first.

Q.what is the podct lot size?


*Available lot sizes depend on processing cycle time.
Please contact us for details.

Q.What kind of materials can be used?

[lot size]

Alumunum (approx,40%)die-castADC12, ADC14, ADC3, etc.Vacuum, squeeze, PF compatible
Mold casting (gravity)AC2A, AC2B, AC4C, etc.
sand castingAC2A, AC2B, AC4C, etc.
forged materialA2014-T6, A6061 and others
othersA2017, A5052, A7075, etc.
Gray cast iron (FC series)FC100~FC350 etc.
Ductile cast iron (FCD series)FCD350~FCD700 and others
forged materialS10C, SCM435, etc.Hot/cold available
othersS45C, SS400, etc.
Stainless steel
(approx 20%)
Casting materialSCS13, SCS14, etc.
forged materialSUS316L, SUS304, etc.
othersSUS303, SUS304, SUS316, etc.
othersZinc alloy, copper, brass, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, resin, etc.
※we can also handle materials other than those listed above, so plese contact us.
※It is also possible to procure materials in-house, so plese contact us.

Q.What kind of equipment do you have?

Q.Pleaze tell us about your field of bussiness

Number of items: approx. 100, number of product numbers: approx. 1000, mont
oduction: over 150,000 pieces

Q.Please tell us about your companys strengths

[Our strengths]

  • Particularly good at ” casting pro
  • We can provide integrated support from material procurement to machining and post-processing.
  • 100% on-time delivery rate maintained for over 10 years
  • A thorough quality control system cultivated over more than
    automobile industry
  • Cost competitiveness comparable to overseas
  • Small-lot, multi-product support
  • Many VAVE proposals have been made.
  • Location conditions with low disaster risk
  • Community-based supply chain management
  • ISO9001 , ISO 14001 certifie

Q.Inquiries /Contact information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about production details or estimates .

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