① Specialized in high-precision machining of castings and other formed materials

Cast products are completed by combining a variety of technologies,
including material selection, material manufacturing methods, various
processing techniques depending on the material, and surface treatment
techniques to achieve the required quality. Therefore, specialized knowledge
of castings is essential to efficiently produce high-quality products. At Sutoh kikai, as experts in casting manufacturing, we offer a comprehensiv
approach to processing, including shapes, construction methods, and accuracy,
in order to produce products of the quality our customers desire at the lowest
possible cost.

② Supports small lot and wide variety of products

We manufacture a wide variety of products such as commercial vehicles,
construction equipment, gas detection equipment, turbochargers, gas valve
parts, machine tools, medical equipment, optical equipment, infrastructure
electricity, agricultural equipment, ships, and robots. We specialize in
medium-sized mass production. Please leave the VA/VE proposals that we
have cultivated over many years of casting processing to us.

③ Consistent support from material procurement to post-processing

As a company specializing in casting processing, we can provide integrate
support from material procurement to precision processing to surface
treatment (plating, heat treatment, painting, etc.).
We have built a network of cooperating companies that perform various types
of “casting” such as aluminum die casting, cast iron, lost wax materials, etc.,
and we can consult with you about everything from material and construction
method selection to mold production
Castings often have problems such as cavities after processing, but we have
established a strict and thorough quality control system, and we conduct visual
inspections of all products after processing before delivery. , don’t worry.