January 1946

Founded in Miyamae-cho, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, by Tsutomu Sutoh, the founder of the company, as a sole proprietorship, the company manufactures silk-based silk weaving.

February 1949

Established as Sutoh kikai Co., Ltd.

January 1949

Production of looms was partially discontinued due to the promulgation of the equipment restriction order for silk and silk weaving.

April 1960

Established metal press and sheet metal processing departments

December 1965

Started business with Jidosha Kiki Co., Ltd.

October 1969

Started business with Hitachi, Ltd.

January 1975

It will become a complete cutting factory for automobile parts.

August 1990

Constructed Isesaki factory at 685-8 Magazawacho, Datesaki City, Gunma Prefecture.

September 1990

Tsutomu Sutoh retires. Seigo Sutoh was appointed as representative director.

February 1996

Capital increased to 10 million yen

January 2003

Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification

July 2003

Isesaki factory expansion

May 2004

We developed our own production management system and achieved a 100% on-time delivery rate.

February 2005

Obtained ISO14001:1996 certification

March 2013

Seigo Sutoh retires. Jungo Sutoh was appointed as representative director and president.

July 2013

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy in 2012.

December 2013

Capital increased to 30 million yen.

October 2014

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy in 2013.

December 2015

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy in 2014.

November 2016

ISO14001:2015 certification transition completed

November 2016

ISO9001:2015 certification transition completed

April 2017

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy in 2016.

June 2018

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy for fiscal year 2017.

December 2018

Foundry machining specialized site “ Casting Cutting Processing.com ” opened.

June 2019

Received decision to issue manufacturing subsidy in 2018.

October 2020

Isesaki 2nd factory begins operation

January 2021

75th anniversary of founding

March 2022

Beginning of work on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

March 2022

We declare our intention to build partnerships with our business partners for the purpose of mutual prosperity and coexistence.

September 2022

The project was recognized as a regional economic driving force.

September 2022

The company was approved for the FY2020 Business Restructuring Subsidy.

November 2022

Formulate basic information security action policy and begin implementation.

July 2023

Received certification for business continuity enhancement plan.

July 2023

Constructed a new logistics warehouse (site 2500m2, building 1150m2).

September 2023

Self-consumption solar panel installation (190kw)

December 2023

Isesaki Factory production facility expansion (+750m2)

March 2024

The company was certified as a “2024 Health and Productivity Management Excellent Corporation.

Power loom for silk textiles
Isesaki factory
Obtained ISO certification